Work Experience

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For work experience, as a group, we decided to try modelling. We thought it would be beneficial for us as photographers to know what it’s like in front of the camera as well as behind it.

We did our work experience with a vintage shop, This is vintage 1953. As models we had to wear there clothes, styling the clothes ourselves but also with input from the owner of the shop.

Personally I found it really helpful because I found out what other jobs where involved when doing a proper shoot.


These are some photos of the outfits we styled. The necklace in the first photo was improvised as we did not have a choker, so we made a make shift one with black velvet string.

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This is a photo from behind the scenes, we were trying to decide which would be the best orientation for the website.



These photos are of the wardrobe, this is where most of the clothes are stored.

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