Video 1 for Nike Promo (College Unit)

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These are my final photos and video for Unit 7, part 2.

The purpose of this unit was to explore movement in photography but in the form of promotional sports videos and photos for the brand of our choosing. In my 8 photos I was able to show fast shutter speed, slow sync flash, multiple exposure and automatic settings.

I chose to do Nike since I thought they had a good brand aesthetic which I would be able to replicate while it still being a challenge.

My favourite photo, from the 8 I chose to be my final images, is the black and white one of the girl jumping mid air.

Analysing this image now I see that it denotes a teenage girl, wearing Nike clothing, jumping mid air. The movement has been frozen resulting in a crisp image with no blur. I achieved this by using a fast shutter speed, 1/800 with an aperture of f.11, and I also found it helped to control exposure with the exposure compensation technique. This photo took multiple tries in order to get the girl in the right position as well as being in the right part of the frame. I found it helpful to use a continuous shutter mode which takes photos one after another by holding down the shutter button. The obvious visual languages are colour and movement but I also think composition makes the photo effective. I tried to have the girl on the left side of the frame because I knew I was planning on having the logo at the center of all my promotional photos (to keep a constant theme). I think this composition meant it worked well because even though she is the main subject the logo also has to show importance as this is what I am trying to advertise.

I think the photo which could use the most improving is the one of the girl spinning, taken with the technique of slow sync flash. The main reason I think this is because the colours aren’t vibrant enough and they don’ stand out, causing the photo to lose appeal to the the target audience. This could have been solved by using a darker room with a brighter flash, making the first frame more pronounced but the rest of the movement blurred.

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This is my final video, I was meant to have 3 but unfortunately I lost the footage that was for 2 of the videos. This is the biggest problem I came across but I have learnt my lesson and I now know to backup my photos/videos as soon as I’ve finished the shoot. I did however shoot the day after and was able to get footage for one video, this time the data wasn’t deleted.

While filming the first thing I noticed was that the weather was slightly gloomy, and not sunny like I was hoping. I think my video would have turned out better if the weather was brighter since nice weather creates more positive connotations for a brand, reflecting a brand more positively will result in more customers and more income for that company.

When it came to editing my video I realised it wouldn’t be very similar to my storyboards because I had originally planned to have my videos at 30 seconds but realised after that they had to be 2o seconds long. To successfully make my video the required lenght I had to trim down a few of the frames by a couple of seconds. I also had to reorder the clips to fit with the music which is the main reason why it doesn’t fit my storyboard, however the same clip ideas have been used. Another thing I struggled with was making sure all the models were wearing Nike branded clothing, and if they didn’t have that then unbranded clothing. This wasn’t the case on the day when the boys turned up with random clothing, but fortunately the main character was wearing head to toe Nike apparel.

To improve this video I could try and make it shorter, by adding a few more clips but shortening them all even further. I think this will make the video seem more fast paced, relating back to the fact that it’s a promo video for a sports brand. I also would like to see what the whole video looks in black and white because while researching I found that Nike often like to have their videos de-saturated, cool toned or black and white.

In spite many things not going to plan I think my video actually managed to turn out well, and still follow some of the brief’s requests. The video is 23 seconds long, showcases Nike sports clothing and also has an outro representing who the video is about. The easiest part was filming the video, once everything else was prepared and sorted out. I also enjoyed editing the clips to the music, my favourite part being the last frames landing on the beats of the song.