Evaluation of blog unit

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For this unit we were set the task of creating a college blog where we could frequently post interesting content to do with our work.

For the most part I have really enjoyed this unit, its given me a chance to easily keep all my work in one place and allowed others to see the process too.

My favourite part of this unit was researching the different types of photography which included illustrative, documentary and portrait photography. Not only was I able to find inspiration from analysing other peoples work, I was also able to post my own examples and critically compare them to professional images.

I like the fact that my blog was my own little space and everyones is completely different to each other. I think my blog is more informal than my usual work but still reflects my determined personality.

I believe I have done a good job of keeping on track with my blog and posting on time so my profile wasn’t lacking content. I found the easiest way to do this was write posts in advance, save them as drafts then post on the dates they needed to be released on.

The things I struggled most with my blog were the posts based on visual language and analysation. I have always found it hard when I’ve had to think how visual language can change the whole mood of the photograph. However I think the blog has helped me overcome this quite a bit since I have repeatedly had to do this. Its trained my mind to analyse an image quickly based on the effects of visual language and how it makes a viewer feel.

I think if I were to restart my blog all over I would be more consistent. Some work is better than others, but I know I can do far better. My personal goal when it comes to myself is doing as well as possible, yet I believe part of this blog lacks quality. If I were to do it again I would take more time to add detail to my text and make sure they were written to the best of my ability.