College Life through primary sources

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The best way of gaining resources and information is through primary research, and as photographers that would be to take photos ourselves.

Today we were set a task of recording our college life, things that we see on a daily basis and we consider a part of our day to day lives.

This is the first thing I see when I get to college, so technically it is a significant part of my college life.

This is the sign I see as I walk into the building, it is literally a sign about what I do in college.

This is my usual class room, this photo actually showcasing a majority of my peers. This is a huge part of my college life as this is where I learn about photography and do my work.

When some of use are too lazy to buy anything at lunch we tend to just get a snack from this vending machine. It is unhealthy but it happens very often and on most days.

If we can be bothered to get lunch we go though this door. Now this door is an absolute nuisance as it is an automatic one. We always make jokes about it and predict if it’s going to close on us (most of the time it does).

This is the step. This step is where you see people sit at lunch or if they are having a smoking break. Its also used as a resting point when people have made the horrendous climb up the hill.

This is a photo of the “top” of the hill, there’s still away to go if you want to get to Greggs. However us students call this the top as this is where we actually stop because the college building is here.

We have to walk past a fudge shop on the way to Greggs and its always so tempting to buy some. When we do fail miserably, we all end up buying a couple pieces each.

This telephone box and post box are situated right outside Greggs and for some reason I find it odd that two red objects have been put side by side, even though it’s not that weird.

This is my favourite section in Greggs, the sweet pastries. It’s a never ending challenge of trying to resist the urge of buying all of them.

Since it’s flu season, I see a lot of student at the end of the day sanitising their hands in hopes of not catching a cold.