Cinemagraphs Practice

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As a group, we wanted to have a practice on making some simple cinemagraphs before making our own final versions.

We tried to come up with lots of different ideas, some which worked and some which only worked theoretically but when it came to the final product it didn’t look too great.

Some of the cinemagraphs turned out well but didn’t really relate to the purpose of tourism.


Others like the bag strap one was almost too subtle, most people we showed it to couldn’t tell which part was moving.

The pigeon one was also lacking preciseness since the camera actually moved despite being on a tripod. You can tell more towards the end of the gif when the still image isn’t in line with the video edit.


Another issue that arose was looping. We realise if the movements weren’t repetitive then there would be a jump when the video looped. In some they are less noticeable but this is something I will consider for my final version.


The best two are the best for several reasons. They both include tourism relating to Lincoln, one is in front of the cathedral and one in front of the castle wall. They both also have subtle movement along with still objects which should also be moving but are not. We noticed that for the moving image to be recognised and effective there has to be a part of the image which is still, even if it should be moving if it were a video.