Visual Language – Angles

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Angles Today’s skill is knowing angles and which to use depending on what message you want to get across to the viewer.   Level Shot This angle is taken eye level. This can have the effect of the viewer feeling like they were there when the photo was taken. For a portrait photo it can […]

Visual Language – Light

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Light Todays’ skill is knowing how to use light to create a better photo, as well as learning how to change the mood of the image. There are two sources of light, artificial and natural. Artificial is created from light bulbs whereas natural light comes from the sun. Both these light sources can be controlled […]

Visual Language – Tone

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Tone Today’s skill is being able to detect darker tones and lighter tones in an image and how it can effect mood and emotions. Tone is the contrast between light and dark patches in photographs. The lighter tones can be seen as highlights and the darker tones can be seen as shadows. In this example […]

Visual Language – Lines

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Lines Today’s skill is the ability to detect lines within a photograph. Lines are used quite frequently in photography, whether it’s accidently or on purpose. Horizontal lines can be used to indicate calmness and quietness. But when horizontal and vertical lines are used together it can show strength and structure within a photograph. Diagonal line […]

Visual Language – Colour

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Colour  Today’s skill is the ability to denote and connote the meanings of colour in photography. Colour is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of art or photography. It is one of the most important things to consider when taking a photo or editing a photo. Colour can be used […]

Visual Language – Composition

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Composition Today’s skill is the ability to compose a subject within a photograph. Composition is key when taking a photo, it gives structure and draws the eyes of the viewer to the most significant part of the image. No matter what you are taking a photo of, the composition is the only thing that matters. […]

Visual Language

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Visual language is an important aspect of photography, and it is made up of many basics. It is where multiple visual aspects can change the overall denotations and connotations of an image. These visual aspects include: Line, shape, form, colour, texture, motion, pattern, angle, space, scale, light and tone. Humans view things in different ways, they […]