Illustrative Photography

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Illustrative photography is where photos are composed to add visuals to a piece of writing. For example magazines, newspapers and online articles use purposely set up photos that relate to the subject. This photo is being used to add visuals to an article about troubled families. This photo relates as it shows a woman and […]

Social Documentary

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Social documentary is using photos to document an event, capturing a visual which can be shown to others. Social documentary creates powerful photos that convey meaning and important messages. Events such as war or violence can be documented to show viewers what it’s really like, probably making them uncomfortable and thus questioning what they can […]

Portraiture Photography

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Portraiture photography is when a photo is taken of a person, it is often used to tell a story. The photos below are taken by me, they all vary in style but they still reflect portrait photography. This photo was not taken by me. The photo is taken with a landscape orientation and mid shot […]

Visual Language

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Analysation of two different photographers Similarly to my last post I will be criticising other’s work and evaluating their personal style based off which aspects of visual language they use most often. Anthony Weller – Archimage Ascribing: Photo taken of the Sanger Building – Bryanston School Describing: Outside of a building, a fountain and gardens can also […]

Visual Language

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Analysation of my own work In today’s post I will be analysing my own photography, and finding the denotations and connotations of each one. I will also be evaluating the visual language aspects of the photos and deciding how they have effected the overall aesthetic of the photo.   This photo denotes an archway, and […]

Visual Language – Texture

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Texture Today’s skill is differentiating textures within photographs and interpreting how they could make a viewer feel. Texture in a photo is apparent because we know how it might feel due to past experiences. And even if we have never felt it before we can guess what it might feel like based off what we […]

Visual Language – Pattern

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Pattern Today’s skill is knowing what pattern is and how we can incorporate it into our photography to create better photos. Pattern is where identical shapes are repeated continuously, it can seem never-ending. It can add depth to a photo or it can be used to add another aspect to the photograph. This image was […]

Visual Language – Scale & Size

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Scale and Size Today’s skill is to know the importance of size and scale, how big something appears in the photo in comparison to it’s actual size. This is quite hard to achieve, you have to change how big the subject looks by using scale. This image was taken from google images. The first photo is […]

Visual Language – Form & Shape

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Form and Shape. Today’s skill is the ability to label shapes/ forms as geometrical or natural, but also how they effect the aesthetic of an image. Shapes are seen all around us, it can take many forms such as circular, square and so on. The shapes can be symmetrical, asymmetrical or completely random. Whatever photo […]

Visual Language – Motion

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Motion Today’s skill is having the knowledge to know how to capture movement, whether it’s a blur or freezing fast motions.   Blur Blur is created when a fast moving object has been captured using a slow shutter speed. A slow shutter speed means the shutter is open for a longer period of time allowing […]