Video 1 for Nike Promo (College Unit)

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These are my final photos and video for Unit 7, part 2. The purpose of this unit was to explore movement in photography but in the form of promotional sports videos and photos for the brand of our choosing. In my 8 photos I was able to show fast shutter speed, slow sync flash, multiple […]

Practice Video and first attempt at iMovie

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This is a short video I made as a practice for filmmaking, and what I have learned will guide me when it comes to actually creating my sports promotion videos. Shooting the footage made me think about different angles and shot types I could use to make the video more interesting, such as cutaways and […]

Cinemagraphs Practice

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As a group, we wanted to have a practice on making some simple cinemagraphs before making our own final versions. We tried to come up with lots of different ideas, some which worked and some which only worked theoretically but when it came to the final product it didn’t look too great. Some of the cinemagraphs turned […]

Phone App Cinemagraphs

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Since I am very new to creating cinemagraphs I thought it would be a good idea to get familiar with the concept first. I downloaded the app Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel on my iPhone and started experimenting with it. I found it very fun and some of the cinemagraphs turned out okay. However there were a few […]

Evaluation of blog unit

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For this unit we were set the task of creating a college blog where we could frequently post interesting content to do with our work. For the most part I have really enjoyed this unit, its given me a chance to easily keep all my work in one place and allowed others to see the […]

College Life through primary sources

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  The best way of gaining resources and information is through primary research, and as photographers that would be to take photos ourselves. Today we were set a task of recording our college life, things that we see on a daily basis and we consider a part of our day to day lives. This is […]

31 Day Photo Challenge

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The challenge was to take a photo each day for the 31 days of October. Each day had a subject which we are meant to interpret through the photo. Day 1 – Nature Day 2 – A smell Day 3 – A silhouette Day 4 – Representation of Britain Day 5 – An animal  Day […]

Work Experience

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For work experience, as a group, we decided to try modelling. We thought it would be beneficial for us as photographers to know what it’s like in front of the camera as well as behind it. We did our work experience with a vintage shop, This is vintage 1953. As models we had to wear […]

Gallery Visits

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The most recent art exhibition I attended was a trip to Doddington Hall on the 8th of September, 2016. Here are a few photos I documented from the visit.